All about Bundlify

Bundlify helps freelancers get paid more, faster, and 100% of the time by bringing clients, invoicing, and payments to your domain.

The Story

We reviewed 1,367 freelance portfolios and almost all them have a website that falls into one of three buckets:

  1. A "Coming Soon" page that screams, "I don't finish what I start."
  2. A paralax-scrolling one-pager with a few screenshots of "Recent Work" from 2012.
  3. No website at all.

When you go to these websites, you can see why so many freelancers struggle to get, and more importantly, keep their clients. Even when they do amazing work.

So we thought,

"What if we gave freelancers all the tools they need (portfolio, invoicing, etc.) and let them put them on their domain?"

They could have a world-class freelance website with 100% whitelabled invoicing. Everything they need bundled up in one place, their domain.

All to help freelancers get more clients and increase their rates.

The Team

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Nicholas Tart

Product Manager

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Mike Rogers

Lead Developer

The Press

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